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Seth Bogart

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New York Times | The Artist and Musician Conjuring a World of Queer Fantasy
VOGUE | Don’t Ever Call Seth Bogart an Influencer
New York Times: A Queer Pop-Punk Cult Hero Strikes Out on His Own
Pitchfork: New King of Camp Seth Bogart on Turning Pop Music Into Pop Art
iHC: The Great Seth Bogart on Personal Branding, Wacky Wacko’s and His New Album
Fader: Seth Bogart Premieres Kooky Video For “Eating Makeup”
Welcoming Seth Bogart’s new project ‘The Seth Bogart Show’ to our roster

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Club With Me
"Club With Me"
Eating Makeup (Featuring Kathleen Hanna)
"Eating Makeup (Featuring Kathleen Hanna)"