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Diet Cig Joins The Ground Control Touring Roster

Diet Cig Joins The Ground Control Touring Roster

Posted 04/27/2021

Ground Control Touring welcomes Diet Cig!

They’ve been compared to tornadoes, firecrackers, and lightning storms, and described as genuine, unapologetic, and down-to-earth. Their live shows are a whirlwind of belting and high-kicks, their pure energy as yet unmatched. Almost three years since the release of their debut album, Alex Luciano and Noah Bowman of gutsy rock duo Diet Cig are set to release their sophomore full-length, Do You Wonder About Me? The pair, typically on the road, took time off of tour to spend the better part of 2019 working on their follow-up to 2017’s Swear I’m Good At This. The new record marks a more intentional, self-assured Diet Cig; not only in Luciano’s radically intimate, acerbic lyrics, but in the duo’s sound as well.

Diet Cig formed in 2014 and went on to garner a cult following invested in the band’s special high-energy, emotional, super-catchy pop rock. Their very first EP, Over Easy, is basically canon in their world of hyper-honest, scrappy indie music. Swear I’m Good At This cemented Diet Cig as mainstays of the landscape, with its biting lines about social woes and prevailing message that it’s OK to be who you are. Luciano and Bowman moved to Richmond, VA in the summer of 2017 as a place to “hide out and make music,” and it was there that they wrote Do You Wonder About Me?, Diet Cig’s ode to growing up.

Exploring their sound led Diet Cig to a new dynamism. As Luciano says: “‘You’re laughing! You’re crying! You’re dancing! You’re feeling emotional!’ We wanna bring it all.” There are short, languid vignettes, like “Priority Mail” and “Makeout Interlude,” alongside updates on the characteristic Diet Cig sound, like “Who Are You?,” a bubbly track that reveals Luciano’s moon is in Cancer, the anthemic “Stare Into The Sun,” and the record’s explosive kiss-off of an opener, “Thriving,” which Luciano says feels like a cathartic release for bitterness felt towards other people, as well as an acknowledgement of that fact that it’s OK to still wonder what people think about you even if you know you shouldn’t care. Ultimately, “Thriving,” and all of Diet Cig’s songs, are being unabashedly human.

Stay tuned to Diet Cig’s artist page for news and forthcoming tour dates.

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