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Ground Control Touring Welcomes Diles Que No Me Maten

Ground Control Touring Welcomes Diles Que No Me Maten

Posted 01/05/2024

Diles Que No Me Maten is an Experimental / Psychodelic / Post-Punk / Krautrock group, originated and currently based in Mexico City.

The group was founded through the search of brothers Raul Ponce (drums) and Gerardo Ponce (guitar), while they were looking forward to forming a band in 2017. In this search, they stumbled upon bassist Andrés Lupone. Once aligned as a trio, their paths united with Guitarist Jerónimo Garcia and Lyricist/Vocalist Jonas, and finally they settled as a five-piece group.

From the anxiety and drama of a Mexican city (CDMX) overloaded with voices, tears and noise, Diles Que No Me Maten act as orchestrators and creators of symphonies of streets, avenues and structures of a metropolitan
cloud that finds itself in a constant hurry.

The music of Diles Que No Me Maten is a glimpse into the intimacy of words and the song of daily routine; it’s consequences, repercussions, but also its glorious victories over an always unsettling reality where you do not
know what will happen.

Diles Que No Me Maten es un grupo de psicodelia experimental, post punk y krautrock oriundo de la Ciudad de México.

El grupo se fundó gracias a la búsqueda de los hermanos Raúl y Gerardo, quienes deseaban formar un grupo durante el año 2017, dentro de esta búsqueda llegaron a dar con Andrés y una vez conformados como un trío, se unen Jerónimo y al final Jonas.

Ninguno de ellos se conocía a profundidad, simplemente eran conocidos por casuali-dad, sin embargo, la pasión por la música poco a poco los llevó a crear y a gestionar sus propios shows, junto a grupos como The Americojones Experience y Sei Still.

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