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Ground Control Touring Welcomes Dutch Interior

Ground Control Touring Welcomes Dutch Interior

Posted 02/28/2024

Los Angeles based “Freak Americana” project, Dutch Interior, brings collaborative and earnest songwriting under a veil of classic Americana melancholy for their latest album, Blinded by Fame, the six-piece’s first release since 2021’s demo album Kindergarten.

Dutch Interior began as an aimless, decentralized recording project shared between longtime friends in the isolation of early 2020 centered around an 8-track set up on their living room floor. At this point, there was no band, there were no members, no one had an official instrument, there was no “lead singer”, and there was never any intention of releasing anything concrete.

Post-COVID, the formation of a coherent lineup of full time members saw the band play their first round of live shows and begin work on their second album, Blinded by Fame. Recorded and produced by Dutch Interior in their home studio via an 8-track tape machine & board, the band leaned into the limitations of analog recording techniques to create a stripped back & earnest sound.

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