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Ground Control Touring Welcomes Frog

Ground Control Touring Welcomes Frog

Posted 05/03/2024

Frog is a 2-3 person guitar band from the swamp in New Rochelle, NY. They issued their self-titled debut mini-album “Frog” on Brooklyn’s now defunct Monkfish Records which Gold Flake Paint called “The best American guitar record of the year. Seriously. It’s like every cult band from the past decade bottled into half an hour of music.” The duo returned in 2015 with their highly acclaimed debut LP “Kind of Blah” on the UK’s Audio Antihero Records which included the fan-favorite singles “Judy Garland” and “Photograph.” Frog promoted the album with a tour of the UK, which was later documented in the 2018 film ‘Kings of Blah’. In November 2018, they issued their long-awaited follow-up “Whatever We Probably Already Had It” mini-LP on Audio Antihero. This was followed in August 2019 with the freak-folk opus “Count Bateman,” featuring the sleeper stoner hit single, “You Know I’m Down.”

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