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Ground Control Touring Welcomes Nuclear Daisies

Ground Control Touring Welcomes Nuclear Daisies

Posted 04/19/2023

Post apocalyptic guitar driven dance music? Mad max at a rave?

Nuclear daisies creates their own blend of wall of sound chaos launched into a black hole. Started as a bedroom project during lock down, the band fully formed itself and honed their blend of infectious danceable madness over the next year. A strong penchant for hooks, bizarre alien sound scapes and POUNDING drums rounds out a sound capped with sweet, delicate and sometime sinister vocals. The band’s ethos is pretty understandable. They want you to dance, they want you to feel and they want you to be a part of the journey. The catchiest band ushering in Armageddon you’ve ever heard.

Stay tuned to their artist page for forthcoming album news and 2023 tour dates.

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