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Ground Control Touring Welcomes Pastel Ghost

Ground Control Touring Welcomes Pastel Ghost

Posted 02/22/2024

Pastel Ghost makes immersive and danceable songs that are so beguiling, mesmerizing, and emotional that she created a new genre to talk about them. She settled on “dreamrave,” which cleanly captures the expansive and ambitious electronic and shoegaze-inspired oeuvre of the Austin-based artist, also known as Vivian Moon. It’s music that’s as cathartic and physical as it is introspective and meditative.

Across two full-length albums (2015’s Abyss and 2018’s Ethereality) and an influential and enduring EP (2013’s Dark Beach), she’s positioned herself as an ahead-of-the-curve songwriter and an auteurist arranger. It’s a patient and rewarding discography that’s the culmination of over a decade of her diligent work and discovering her voice. With the first Pastel Ghost releases, Moon was able to deftly thread brooding isolation in her lyrics with celestial, breezy, and visceral dance arrangements. They’re a thrilling listen even now, which explains how her 2013 song “Dark Beach” became a viral smash years later in 2020 on platforms like TikTok and Spotify.

You can trace Moon’s artistic evolution through her well-received and cohesive LPs Abyss and Ethereality, which serve as a foundation for the forthcoming Pastel Ghost full-length. Her new material is more ambitious and searching: a document of an artist searching deep within herself and finding enthralling new ways to write songs. She’s now exploring more mature and introspective subjects. Dreamrave is still ethereal dance music but at its core, it boasts mysticism, spirituality, and heart.

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