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Ground Control Touring Welcomes Sequoyah Murray

Ground Control Touring Welcomes Sequoyah Murray

Posted 05/02/2019

We are thrilled to announce that Sequoyah Murray has joined the Ground Control Touring roster! Sequoyah Murray is a 22 year old vocalist, musician and producer from Atlanta, Georgia. He was born into a musical family in one of the music capitals of the world: his mother is a singer,and his father a percussionist, both having spent their lives playing in local bands.

If his first loves were the east African music introduced to him by his father and his mother’s sumptuous falsetto, the booming baritone of Arthur Russell became one of his oldest friends and most important touchstones.Writing deeply confessional lyrics and creating abstract textured song structures, Sequoyah is a product of his time, place and borderless generation, making music that is both wildly experimental and unforgettably accessible. Sequoyah presents a vision of soul music made for our fractious times.

Keep up with all of the latest tour dates and news for Sequoyah Murray on his artist page.

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